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Rezwan Khan J.D.

... is a cannabis enthusiast, advocate, entrepreneur, and a leading expert on national and international comparative cannabis law.

... earned his law degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, where he focused his studies in controlled substance and intellectual property law.

While in school, Mr. Khan worked on the landmark Jovan Jackson case, which set precedence in California to allow for storefront medical marijuana dispensaries.


... is currently working with attorneys, legislators, and industry leaders as a canna-business and marketing consultant, where he develops strategies for implementing optimal structure for monetization in markets that provide for the legal (recreational or medicinal) sale of marijuana.

... is a partner and owner of Seedless Clothing Co. (seedleSs), a broadly recognized counterculture cannabis brand that was established in 1992. In 1998 Rezwan spearheaded an effort to broaden the scope of seedleSs's activities by utilizing their extensive network of artists and musicians to brand and cross-promote music, art, and cannabis. Over the past eighteen years, seedleSs has evolved into a marketing and merchandising company with a focus on the cannabis space. 

... is also co-founder and C.O.O. of Attis Management, a cannabis-management company with licensed and operational production and retail facilities, based in San Diego.

Attis Management closely manages Southwest Patient Group (Southwest), a licensed dispensary in San Diego, and is in the process of deploying the Cannabis Science Center at Southwest’s storefront.


  I understand the cannabis community. I've been a part of this community and helped build it along with so many others who have sacrificed and risked to help push for what they always knew was right. I had my first arrest for "marijuana" in 1995 which set me on the path i'm still on today. My first company, seedleSs, has given me a unique opportunity to be a part of so many successful cannabis companies journeys to legitimacy. 


  My experience with real world business practices and mechanisms has has allowed me to layer that over my 20year weed carrer.. the result is the convergence of real world and weed world like no other professional consultant can compare to. then add m y sprinkling of magic and boom!  KHANverge. 

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